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Who said Magik is for nerds?

We take our business seriously, but are by no means a stuffy suit crowd, or worse an IT crowd that speaks in binary code. While we like hanging out, we won’t leave you hanging. We’re responsive and reliable – we realise your email and web service is paramount to the operation of your business. To make sure we’re always on time, we sport the latest technological knowledge and equipment.

Since 2002, we’ve offered web hosting, email hosting and domain registration to a range of businesses Australia wide. We offer instant plan activation, domain registration, 24/7 email and phone support – all with quality service that sets us apart from our competitors. Magik is really the host with the most. We test and maintain web hosting hardware for top performance, while we research new technologies and integrate cutting edge improvements to offer the most premium service in the business.

In this current time of climate change, Magik is proactive in reducing its impact on the environment. Magik has switched to more energy efficient servers and takes steps every day to ensure wastage is minimised. We’re also part of a global company that uses 130% wind powered servers. So we’re not just neutralising environmental impact, we’re reversing it by purchasing renewable energy credits. The world is magic and we’d like to keep it that way.

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Magik Hosting believes in simplifying the options. Instead of having dozens of options to confuse you and page after page of descriptions to read through, we have narrowed it all down to just one simple solution that has all you need and more.